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The ingredients in Pharma Natural’s WEIGHT CONTROL have been shown to aid in the reduction of unwanted body fat and help achieve and maintain healthy body weight in some people. WEIGHT CONTROL contains Calcium Pyruvate. Studies in humans of pyruvate supplementation as a weight and body fat composition management aid show promise at certain dosages when pyruvate replaces dietary carbohydrates. In a series of studies completed at the University Of Pittsburgh School Of Medicine, Dr. Ronald Stanko and his research team examined the influence of pyruvate on various measures of body composition. The data indicates a clear trend towards greater weight loss and increased fat loss in subjects using pyruvate. Inositol Metabolic syndrome is comprised of many precursors to chronic diseases. Some conditions of metabolic syndrome include excess fat around the stomach, high triglycerides, low HDL cholesterol and high blood sugar and blood pressure. Clinical studies suggest inositol supplements may be beneficial for those with metabolic syndrome. Chromium (as Chromium picolinate) Chromium is a trace mineral needed by the body in for healthy functioning. Chromium is most well-researched in regard to promoting health. Blood sugar and diabetes control, heart health, weight management and brain health are all known benefits of chromium.

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