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Immune Response

As we age, our once-vigorous immune system begins to decline, a process known as immune senescence. A vital immune system is composed of a healthy balance of naive T-cells that attack new invaders and memory T-cells that attack previously known invaders. However, after a naive T-cell attacks a new threat, it becomes a memory T-cell, which will only go after a threat that it remembers. The result is that the delicate immune balance tips and we have a surplus of memory T-cells and a deficit of naive T-cells. With this imbalance, our body is less able to defend itself against new invasions. This produces a less-vigilant immune system — or immune senescence.

Pharma Natural is also a leader in the field of research, development and manufacture of nutriceuticals that contribute and otherwise support optimal immune response regimens. Our goal is to formulate a specialized offering of vitamins, minerals and herb-based nutrition products that, when combined with healthy lifestyle activities, will combat the natural decline of our immune systems as we age.