Our Processes

A number of factors help Pharma Natural deliver high-quality nutriceuticals that may be helpful with common conditions like immune response or metabolic syndrome or be a possible resource in improving sports performance. 

These factors include:

Meticulous, Multi-Disciplinary Research

All products manufactured by us begin as a new product development project in our Natural Health Sciences and Research & Development Laboratory. This is true regardless of whether the product is Pharma Natural-branded or is being created and produced for a private label or white label manufacturing client.

Pharma Natural is dedicated to the improvement of human health based on scientific research through the application of such research in the nutriceutical and over-the-counter body management products we manufacture. We employ a multi-disciplinary approach of applied natural sciences, engineering and technology to our specialty, nutrition.

Process Management

This enables us to standardize quality and deliver products that meet and exceed all regulatory and client requirements and specifications.

From raw material sourcing and packaging to packing and shipping, superior quality is actively controlled and managed by our exceedingly competent and experienced team of process control and quality experts.

For over 15 years we have applied highly defined, documented and controlled-in-real-time process management in each of our key operational process areas. Utilizing proven continuous process improvement methodologies and technology-based tools, Pharma Natural manufacturing is executed in a state-of-the-science environment and culture.

Product Conceptualization

A turnkey, product conceptualization-to-final product capability is deployed for each product we manufacture.
Our product conceptualization process, like all of our key processes, is a highly defined, documented and controlled-in-real-time management process that requires all new product ideas to pass our rigorous product integrity qualification standard.

More and more well-informed people are prioritizing their personal health and fitness. Many of these people need and demand effective, safe, biological, natural and chemical-free products as integral parts of their personal health and fitness regimens and lifestyles.

At Pharma Natural, our highest priority stakeholder is the consumer of the products we create, formulate, manufacture, package and deliver.

Private Label and White Label Product Manufacturing Programs

Private Label:

Our turnkey private label product manufacturing programs are designed as individual new product development projects, utilizing our qualified and approved client’s product formulation.

White Label:

Our turnkey white label product manufacturing programs are designed as individual new product development projects, utilizing Pharma Natural proprietary product formulations from our portfolio of over 200 pre-approved nutraceutical and OTC products. Product formulations are licensed to approved white label clients, for use strictly according to such licensing.

Each new project includes the following project deliverables:

  • Pharma Natural’s prospective client due diligence and vetting process
  • Product raw materials ingredients and other ingredients sourcing and pricing
  • Product manufacturing process specification and pricing
  • Product branding, labeling and packaging specification, processes specification and pricing.
  • Pharma Natural Health Sciences and Research & Development Lab’s Client Formulation Assessment for compliance with our product integrity standard (private label only)
  • Product warehousing specification and pricing (white label only)
  • Product shipping, distribution and delivery logistics specification and pricing (white label only)