Cascara Sagrada by PN 60 caps – Known as the ‘Sacred Bark’! For the Native Americans, this herb is more than just a herbal remedy plant.


Cascara Sagrada, Natural product for human use, as a dosed prophylactic. May reduce free radicals in, also keeps skin healthy and stimulates intestinal motility.

Possibly one of the herb’s most valuable properties is that once used, repeated dosages are not typically necessary. Not only does the herb alleviate constipation. Casara Sagrada may give the muscles in your bowel a work-out so they can be strong again and do their job. Pretty impressive remedy from mother nature I would say.

In Spanish, Cascara Sagrada means ‘Sacred Bark’! For the Native Americans, this herb is more than just a medicinal plant. It is a part of their culture. Growing over 20 feet in length, this tree has thin serrated leaves and a reddish brown bark. It flowers in spring and is followed by poisonous dark berries. The bark of the tree is mostly used in dry form for its herbal remedy value because fresh bark can make you very ill, causing nausea and vomiting. Cascara Sagrada bark, also known as chittem bark, is bitter in taste and is used to paint the nails of young kids to curb their habit of nail biting.

Cascara sagrada herb is known for its various natural remedy benefits


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